Chiropractic Chicago Wellness Center

Providing Chicago Gold Coast and Old Town Residents with Chiropractic Care Since 2005

At Chiropractic Chicago, we understand how difficult it is to deal with back and neck pain. Our chiropractic wellness clinic helps Chicago’s Old Town and Gold Coast neighborhoods live pain free.

The natural healing and spinal health care experts at Chiropractic Chicago can help you reduce or eliminate chronic pain and recover faster from sports and accident injuries. Our chiropractic treatments can help you to live pain free. We provide physiotherapy treatment for lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee and elbow pain and other chronic pain conditions. We can help you regain balance and reduce joint pain with the help of custom orthotics. We combine chiropractic and massage therapy to ensure lasting skeletal and muscular pain relief.

Choosing the right chiropractor is the first important step towards improving your health and living pain free. It would be our privilege to be your partner in your wellness journey. Dr. Ali Grossman and the compassionate care experts at Chiropractic Chicago have been freeing Gold Coast and Old Town residents from back, neck, shoulder, leg and other chronic pain since 1999! Please contact us for a free and convenient initial phone consultation.

Chiropractic Chicago Wellness Center
Serving Old Town and Gold Coast since 1999

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